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Check back frequently to see what new Bad Idea items are up for order.

It’s simple to get the latest from Bad Idea!

In-Store customers- Ask  to add all your favorite Bad Idea Comics to your subscription.

Mail Order Customers – Place your orders below. Shipped Bagged & boarded.

There is a strict limit of 1 copy per issue, per person, per title. First printings are filled in the order for which they have been paid. Then it goes to NOT FIRST PRINTINGS
Drop us an email today @ if you want to add Bad  Idea titles to your sub

Final Covers may Vary – BAD IDEA preview B/W covers in their updates, which will be in full color.

5/27/21 – BAD IDEA UPDATE – On 6/2 we will receive our long awaited restock of Eniac #2.  We expect to be able to fill almost all, if not all outstanding orders at this time.   We are several hundred orders deep so it may take a couple of days to get caught up.  

5/19/21 – BAD IDEA UPDATE – On 5/26 we will receive a sizeable restock from Bad Idea including, Eniac 1, Eniac 3, Tankes 1 & Whalesville.
No word on Eniac 2 yet but given the size of the order coming in we imagine that the rest should not be far behind.
Remember, as stated in the terms of sale on check out, all orders ship complete.
Thank you for your patience. We can honestly say these titles will be worth the wait

5/13 MEGAUPDATE – We are currently waiting for HUNDREDS of restocks from Bad Idea. There is no indication as to when they will arrive but over
the past few weeks a steady flow of reorders has started. Demand for these books is over-the-top. It is important to remember the following. All orders ship in the order
they were placed. All orders will automatically switch to “NOT FIRST PRINTING” when Bad Idea makes the change on any title. There is a strict limit of 1 copy per person – if you place more than one order for an issue, regardless of time frame, we will cancel all subsequent orders.

All orders for Hank Howard (and the long title) have filled and we have sold out. There are no more copies available. If Bad Idea goes back to print we will update the listing accordingly.

5/4/21 UPDATE – We have exhausted our initial order of Whalesville & Eniac 3. Currently awaiting the next shipment as well as restock for Eniac 1, 2 & Tankers 1. We’ll post more as soon as we know more. Thank you

Please note that all orders are filled in the order they are placed. If we run out of first printings unfilled order will be filled with NOT FIRST PRINTINGS.



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