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White Wizard Games is giving Jetpack a hand!

White Wizard Games Is Giving Jetpack A Hand!

The fine folks over at White Wizard Games are kicking a few bucks our way if you purchase from their store!

They have reduced the price on individual games by 25% on their site, and also have quite a few bundles with even bigger discounts.

  • We would recommend Epic Card Game to TCG players or customers who love drafting. 
  • Solo Gamers who don’t have another player right now will enjoy Star Realms Frontiers because it has 8 interesting solo modes/challenges. As well as it is the best investment for game night as it plays four players straight out of the box. 
  • Families and couples will love all of our products but we highly recommend Hero Realms as you can add character packs once the kids really get into the game as well as The Ruins of Thandar Campaign Deck.
  • Star Realms Frontiers, and Sorcerer are great for couples and families as well. Sorcerer appeals to the Fantasy lovers as it is one of the most thematic games we have, you get to pick your character, domain, and lineage.once you shuffle this together, you have your grimoire and start to battle.
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