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Game Room Organized Play Events & COVID 19

With the reopening of the Jetpack Clubhouse there are a few basic rules everyone has to follow.  These rules are in addition to the Covid 19 rules we already have in place.

There is a strict limit of 16 people to the clubhouse.

Magic – Attendance is currently OPEN for FNM & Casual.  Friday afternoon until about 10:30 PM

Pokemon – Currently invite only

Warmachine Sunday – Currently spotty.  Contact the store for more information.

Other events – TBD.  If you want to run something let us know.

These limits & rules may change at any time.

BASKETS – When entering the RETAIL STORE, for the 1st time during an event, please be sure to grab a basket.  You will NOT need a basket to reenter the store during an event.

CONTACT TRACING – Everyone MUST sign into the Contact Tracing book.  No exceptions.  Your information has to be legible.

MASKS – A properly worn mask (your nose & mouth have to be covered) must be worn at all times in the game room.  Face Shields & Gators are not allowed during Jetpack events.

STAFF ONLY AREAS – Computer / Staff Area / Off Limits Areas – Only the TO or Jetpack staff are allowed behind the desk, using the computer or in any non-public area.  

NO TOUCHING – No touching anyone else’s cards in-game.  You shuffle / Cut your own deck.

BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED – Supply your own supplies & necessities – Pens, paper, energy, land, etc, you have to bring your own.  We will not have these available to borrow.

DO NOT TOUCH MERCHANDISE – You may not go through the loose cards or comic books in the club house unless you let a Jetpack staff member know (not a TO) and you purchase a pair of gloves.

SANITIZE YOUR AREA – We’ve got the germ killing supplies.  You must use them.  Everyone is responsible for their own area. We have spray & towels available.  This includes tables chairs etc.

BATHROOM – The Jetpack bathroom is available for event attendees.  Key is at the register.  You must sanitize the bathroom when you are done.

Trading – Players trading card do so of their own volition and understand the risks of spreading germs.

There is hand sanitizer, spray bottles and towels on the desk in the club house, along with other PPE.  These are for everyone’s use and highly encouraged.  Gloves & disposable facemasks are $1.   Reusable / washable masks are available in-store.

TOURNAMENT ORGANIZERS – It is up to you to make sure that everyone follows these safety rules above.  Please make sure the players reset the room when they are finished and let the Jetpack staff know when everything is wrapped up, sanitized, and ready to lock up.

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