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Pokemon Updates

5/12 UPDATE – Pokemon Chilling Reign will be shipping in at least 2 waves. Wave 1 arrives for release date. Orders will fill in the order they were placed. Once we’ve exhausted our supply subsequent orders will ship with the following waves, as they arrive, in the order they were placed. We have not been informed when subsequent waves ship to us. Please expect at least a 2 – week to 1 month delay between waves. We will maintain updates here.

4/30 UPDATE – POKEMON prices are starting to stabilize with distribution catching up to demand. Be sure to check our site for items coming back in stock and many price reductions. As supply increases prices should continue to drop.

Stay tuned as we work on getting the room ready for Game Play again.  Check back soon


4/25 UPDATE – We have been informed that Pokemon Chilling Reign will ship in 2 waves. Orders will be filled in the order they were placed. Of course this information is all subject to change per the manufacturer or distributor. Thank you.

4/2 UPDATE – Pokemon distributors, via an  announcement from Pokemon INTL, have announced massive allocation of  Pokemon Chilling Reign product. We will not be adding anymore to our site until we receive allocation &  wave numbers. Thank you

3/9/21 UPDATE – The next release is tentatively called Chilling Regine and will release mid June. Check back for more info.


3/9/ 21 UPDATE – Lot’s of em
All orders for the Collector Binder have filled.
We have exhausted our first wave of Galar. Orders fill in the order they were paid. We will continue to fship as the next wave arrives. Date TBD.

Local Pick Up first will open shortly for Kalos. If we have a limit on an item and you place more than one order for the item all of your orders will be canceled with a 5% cancellation penalty.


3/15/21 UPDATE
The first wave of Pokemon Battlestyles has come and gone. Preorders that filled for pick up are ready to pick up. Elite Trainer boxes are in very short supply. We do not know when the next wave ships. As with all things Pokemon there is little communication from here on out. We’ll update as we have info.

Elite Trainer Boxes were highly allocated for the first wave shipment. Very few orders will ship with the first wave. Check Our blisters, Sleeved Blisters & mini binders are not arriving with the Wave the wave 1 allocations.

3/9/21 UPDATE
POKEMON BATTLE STYLES will begin shipping 3/14. Orders will ship in the order they were placed. All orders will not fill through this wave. We do not receive notice on subsequent waves.


Mini-Tins have not released yet. We are still awaiting the next wave of Elite Trainer Boxes and regular tins as well as a few other pieces. If your order has not shipped yet we are awaiting something for your order.

3/9/21 UPDATE
POKEMON SHINING FATES continues to ship in waves. Orders are filled in the order they were placed. Mini-tins do not release until the end of March and will ship in waves. Orders that contain mini tins will not begin shipping until the end of March.

Our retail store is unable to provide any information in regards to mail order shipments.  If you have questions please email


Here’s a solution. This has been a tough year for all of us, including manufacturers.  Allocated and Wave shipments are the worst.

If your order is caught up in one of these situations we can apply it to a different product for you. Rather than pay a cancellation fee we can apply it to an in-stock product or a future release. Drop us an email and let us know if you’d like to explore this. Thank you

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