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Limited quantity available to our in-store friends only!  It’s Friends  of Jetpack Month & we count Kevin Smith as a friend.

Years ago we started a relationship with Kevin Smith’s comic shop, Jay &  Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. It started as a friendly feud that fans thought was real.  The hate emails we received from Kevin Smith’s fans were amazing. Luckily our Social Media King, Rich Brunelle, was able to smooth things  over and our store did not get burned down.

A couple of days ago Comic Book Man and J&SBSS manager, Mike Zapcic gave  us a call looking to get some copies of our He Man #1 Exclusive for their shop. Who wouldn’t want that sweet Rich Woodall cover. Thanks to some keen negotiating…okay, really Mike just offered…  we’re going to have a handful of Kevin Smith & Rich Woodall autographed  copies of our exclusive.

We’re offering up to you all first.  That’s local pick up customers only friends.  Interested?
Email Ralph @ and provide the following info.
Your name, how long you’ve been a Jetpack friend, what you bought the last time you were in.
We don’t know the price yet.  All copies will be signed by Rich Woodall  & Kevin Smith.
No, there will not be a COA. No we can not get these CGC graded. No we will not ship these at this time.
If we have any left, we will make them available to our online friends.

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What is Jetpack Comics?

It's a shop in Rochester, NH run for and by gamers and comic enthusiasts! No matter what you may have heard (it's probably true), you'll be happy to visit us! We're a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of shop! Jetpack Comics is more than just a comic and games store, it's an experience

Mon - Thu 10 - 8
Fri 10 - 10:30
Sat 10 - 8
Sun 10 - 6

Curbside pick up available
1/2 hour after open - 1/2 hour before close
Wait time will depend on store population


Phone: (603) 330-XMEN
Address: 37 North Main St.
Rochester, NH 03867
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