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We’re just asking that all of our friends help out our local community with some Toy / Food / Necessity items.

Toys must be NEW and unwrapped.  Food must NOT be expired or expire in the next 3 months and it must be shelf stable.  Necessities include toiletries, diapers, toothpaste, Qtips, and the things you take for granted but use almost every day.  They must be new, unwrapped and not expire in the next 3 months.

BRING IN YOUR DONATIONS to the clerk.  BRING THEM TO THE COUNTER. He will check them and give you a receipt for them (ie, 1 crappy toy, 2 cans of Chef BrD crap, 1 package poop catchers, etc.  Don’t be the guy that gets demeaning qualifiers.  Go first class and get first class qualifiers.  In case you haven’t figured it out the qualifiers are going to be important).  Sometime in the next month we’ll announce a special offer for those that make donations.  The more you donate the better offer you will get.

  • Bring your donations.
  • Save your receipt.
  • Turn them in for something that is going to be super awesome.

Let’s just say that one worthy friend just may be getting a shopping spree on us**! YOU MUST BRING THE ITEMS TO THE CLERK AND WAIT UNTIL HE IS NOT BUSY. Someone will help you as soon as they can. Customers with money to spend come before you.  It’s called capitalism. If you’ve read this far then you get to know the super secret secret.  A very small pool of the people from this list will get special invites to an even bigger and better super secret sale, reserved for the people that give more than they take.  We love our community and give to it as much as we can.  If you do the same you may be one of a handful that get rewarded at a loss to us.  Finally, DO NOT LOSE YOUR RECEIPT.   We can’t keep track of our own crap never mind yours.  Protect your receipt like it’s gonna save you a ton of cash….because it just may do that.

**super awesome is determined by US.  While you might argue that it is not super awesome we will tell you that you are wrong and if you don’t like our super awesome offer we’ll invite you to not have any offer but you’ll still be out the donation.  PS, if you bring us $1 bags of chips, dented cans, and other crap you get at a super discount your offer will absolutely SUCKKKKKK.  In 16 years we’ve been EFFED over way too many times.  WE’RE GIVING YOU SUPER DEALS FOR MAKING GENEROUS DONATIONS TO PEOPLE THAT DON’T HAVE AS MUCH AS YOU.  QUIT TRYING TO SCAM US. This time there will be secret codes on your slip, and you will get the worst offer / deal EVER.  If you are reading this and asking yourself, “Could they be talking about me?”, rest assured that we are, and we know, and we’re gonna deal block you so hard you’ll be paying us extra money just to keep your cheap ass face from being posted on Facebook (META).  Not a joke.  Not a hoax. Not a dream.  Help us help the local community and we will reward you.  Attempt to pull any perceived scam and we just won’t be inviting you back to the megastore.

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What is Jetpack Comics?

It's a shop in Rochester, NH run for and by gamers and comic enthusiasts! No matter what you may have heard (it's probably true), you'll be happy to visit us! We're a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of shop! Jetpack Comics is more than just a comic and games store, it's an experience

Mon - Thu 10 - 8
Fri 10 - 10:30
Sat 10 - 8
Sun 10 - 6

Curbside pick up available
1/2 hour after open - 1/2 hour before close
Wait time will depend on store population


Phone: (603) 330-XMEN
Address: 37 North Main St.
Rochester, NH 03867
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