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While Supplies Last.  In Store & In Person Only.  No holds or reserves.  On sale 3/29.

In case you haven’t heard, the printer messed up an we’re getting the B  cover of Sean Murphy’s “BATMAN BEYOND THE CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT #1”  this week.
The A cover will arrive to us next week.
The good news is that the B cover is by Sean Murphy as well, so you  still get a cover with Sean’s spectacular art. The better news is that Sean stopped by for a visit and autographed  almost ALL of our copies of the B cover. So…If you are subbed to the book, which you should be, you  automatically get a Sean Murphy Autographed copy for the regular cover price.

As always with new material, sub customers do come first.  After that we  are offering them up, 1 per customer at cover price, with an equal purchase of some other item or you can subscribe to the book, in store,  and we’ll hook you up with a signed first issue B cover, for cover  price, that day.

Here’s the run down again

  • Sub customers get it automatically for cover price.
  • In person, in the store customers can buy 1 at cover price with an equal  purchase of something else.
  • or start a sub with us for Sean Murphy’s “BATMAN BEYOND THE CURSE OF THE  WHITE KNIGHT” and you an grab it for cover price.
  • In store customers may purchase one additional autographed copy for $24.99.

This offer is valid until we run out. Supply is limited, so get in store  today and set this up.

NO we will not be able to..

  • ..hold or reserve you a copy until you show up.
  • ..sell you more than 1 for cover price.
  • ..change the offer for you because you’re special.
  • ..deviate from anything we’ve stated here for any reason.
    In other words, don’t ask.

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