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YU Gi Oh Dimension Force (DIFO) Premiere Event Sunday 5/15 @ 11

Don’t miss your chance to play with this new set early

5 packs of DIFO for $21 – limit of one per person.
This should include a promo card
If there is enough duelists will have the chance to purchase additional product after the initial event.

Join us at our weekly Yu Gi Oh meet up for a chance to play with the newest Yu gi Oh release.
Everyone will have a chance to win play mats and an additional, different promo card.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to receive a Game Mat or Promo Card.
Duelists who win a Premiere! Game Mat or Promo Card by winning a Premiere! Tournament are not eligible to win the same prize as a door prize or drawing. If a Duelist wins a Premiere! Game Mat or Promo Card as a door prize or drawing while he/she is currently enrolled in a
Premiere! Tournament, they would not be eligible to win the same prize in the tournament. If they finish high enough in the tournament to
receive the same prize it would be awarded to the next eligible Duelist in the tournament.

Premiere! participants are only eligible to win a maximum of one (1)
Premiere! Game Mat and 1 Promo Card per location for the entire weekend.

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