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Join us for Pokemon League and claim a free prize pack on your way out

Pokemon league is our favorite weekly event and Pokemon International is now providing us prize packs for the league.
Rather than make you jump through hoops or pay to play in a tournament we’re going to pass these packs on to you league attendees just for showing up.

It’s simple.
Come to league and make sure you check & are registered as attending league.
This is important as attendance is how we’ll get more packs.
You have to stay until the end of league to get your prize pack.
As league wraps up you’ll see whoever is in charge that day to get your pack but staying until the end is the requirement.

No, you can’t get one for your mom, or your brother, or great granpa.
We have a finite amount of these packs so they are reserved for registered league attendees only.
When we run out of packs, we are out of them until the next quarter when Pokemon ships us more.

  • Come to League.
  • Stay for League.
  • Get a prize pack.

If you have to leave early come to the next League night and stay for the whole event so you can get a prize pack.

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