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CEDH Tournament at Jetpack Comics on 1/30!

Hello everyone! Our next monthly Commander Variant night will be on Monday, 1/30.

Details: We will be playing CEDH as our next Commander Variant. Entry is $15 (all of which goes to the prize pool). The event will be played as a “no repeat” Swiss Tournament. This means that rather than seeded play (winners play winners), tables will be created each round so no two players repeat play against each other. A win is 3 points and a draw is 1. The event will end when there is a clear top 3.

The event will begin at 5:30pm. Please give yourself some extra time to manage parking (back lot is still under construction) and for purchasing entry.
Sign-ups: If you plan on attending please respond to this post with a confirmation. We are unable to run certain events if the numbers aren’t high enough. Also, confirmation before hand helps myself and the store better plan for the event.

Rules: Due to the nature of the CEDH format there are no deck building restrictions other than the EDH banlist. Casual Commander House Rules DO NOT apply to this tournament.

PROXIES ARE ALLOWED. I repeat, proxied cards are legal for this tournament.

*We will be hosting Commander Variant games once a month on the last Monday of each month. Keep your eyes peeled and notifications on as we will be posting the events ahead of time and possibly requesting sign ups.

Extra Resources:
Magic: The Gathering Companion App: on Android and Apple, this app will allow you to join and track in store events, giving you a live reading of the event pairs and standing. The app also has a built in life counter!

Casual Commander Night: Jetpack Comics Facebook group: here is the link to the Facebook group where we will be posting any new information about Casual Commander Nights at Jetpack Comics, including the sign ups for our once a month Commander draft.
Casual Commander Info and House Rules: here is the link to the Casual Commander info page on the Jetpack Comics website.…/mtg-commander-mondays…/ : Database of current decks in the CEDH meta. Helpful to newbies or seasoned pros of CEDH

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