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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Holiday Charity Event (12/17 @ Noon)

The Charity Event calls for every Duelist to bring a minimum of five (5) food items (minimum of 10.5 oz with an expiration date no sooner than 3/1/2024), instead of a cost of registration. The five (5) food items will be turned in and exchanged for five (5) Star Chips. Five (5) Star Chips will be used for the tournament, in which one (1) of the Star Chips will be at stake in each round, with a total of four rounds. The winner of each match receives their opponent’s Star Chip. At the end of the tournament, the Duelists trade the Star Chips they have collected for the same amount of random booster packs (provided by Konami) up to a maximum of nine (9) packs.

The event is limited to 20 Duelists!

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