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Lost Woods Turning Co. specializes in making high quality custom magic wands and vampire stakes for collectors, fans, LARP, cosplay and just for fun.

Each magic wand is handmade in Portsmouth, NH. We use woods from all over the world, from the woods of NH, to India and Peru. Many of our wands are cored, meaning they have a special piece inside the wand to give it extra strength and power. Wands come with a custom made carrying bag, and can be paired with holsters, bandoliers, etc. for costuming use.

Each of our Vampire stakes are handmade by us, using local, and exotic woods. They are designed for Cosplay, LARPING., and fun! We offer many different styles, and customization options. Each stake comes with a carrying bag, and can be paired with a number of holsters and cases to customize your costume.

Lost Woods also offers a variety of specialty nerdy housewares, Nerd-inspired cutting boards, wooden signage, and jewelry are also fan favorites.

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