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The Boss-man’s thoughts leading up to the big day!


I just finished reading “Psycho Chicken & Other Foolish Tales” by Mike Girard, of the legendary New England band, THE FOOLS.  This book brought me back to my teenage years and reminded me that I have been self-employed in the comic book industry since my Junior High School years.  It also made me realize that, while I will never be as cool as Mike Girard, I’ve still got some very awesome and fun stories to tell.  Not as fun as his and no where near as cool, but in some uber-nerd circles they bring me nerd-street-cred.

I also expect this will be a great place to share info and details about an industry that people may never know otherwise about.

Before I get started I think I have to disclaim, and instruct my web and online assistants, that nothing I say here can be considered fact without contacting me.  Nothing I say here can be reproduced in full or in part without my permission.  One of my web savvy friends will insert a bunch of other legal disclaimers here (and they will make sure those disclaimers show up on EVERY page) that absolve me of any wrong doing, admission of guilt, and preserve my right of ownership to any of the words I type here.  I guess I’m saying that I’ve got guys to stop you from stealing my shit so just don’t do it.

So, with all that crap out of the way, what do you want to hear about?  What do you want to know?  If you let me know I might comment on it but I think this will read more like a Hunter S Thompson novel than anything else.  It will have lots of unrelated chapters that eventually make sense together.

It’s late and I’m tired.  This is my practice post.  Not even sure if my handlers will let you see it.  More to follow.

Thanks for paying attention to us.  We’re just a blip on the radar of life.

Ralph Dibernardo – Jetpack Comics

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