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FCBD disclaimers - As THE premiere FCBD event in New England (the world perhaps?) we are forced to cover our butts every which way from here to Sunday. Make sure you skip to the bottom and read EVERY ONE of our disclaimers.  If you don't it's your own fault.  

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FREE COMIC BOOK DAY GUESTS & VENDORS - Meet all the guests & vendors at the FCBD Convention Hall (also known as the Knights of Columbus Hall) from 10 - 4 pm.  Located on the corner of Route 125 and Portland Street ( 40 Columbus Ave)  Rochester.  Many of the guests & vendors will have FREE comics and give-aways for you, if you stop and visit them.  We've listed many of them below. These guys were all here, and you missed them! You can still take a look and see who you missed though! 

Small Press

Jennifer Omand

The creator & artist of Square Cat Comics will be bringing her special TWEE humor to the Jetpack FCBD event again!

Matt Crafton

Matt Crafton be selling prints and originals of his artwork. He will have mostly sci-fi and fantasy works, all of which are original characters and scenes. Matt does very little fan art and when he does it's usually a comment on popular culture. 

Matt be selling under his business name Art Of the Norse. All of his work is on his website, Facebook page, and deviant art page. 

Bill Mitchell and Kimball Thorpe, creators of Beanman Comics!

Long time fan creators Bill Mitchell and Kimball Thorpe return to FCBD to sketch and talk with comic fans of all ages! First created in 1976 while they were in high school, Beanman's adventures continue today as a web comic at beanmancomics.com.  A high school art teacher, Mitchell enjoys utilizing comic instruction in his school curriculum, while Thorpe's uniquely humorous and creepy creatures and zombies are featured in his Creature Comfort cards and prints.

Bob Raymond

Working on an awesome project for Jetpack Press!!!

Bob Raymond is an illustrator from Bangor Maine, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He has worked on various small Indy projects and web comics, including a chapbook for Joe Hill. Most recently he has worked on a one shot for Jetpack Comics called Moonlight Bait, the soon to be released Ammo, and a four issue miniseries from Alpha Dog Studios called Gun Ghoul coming out this summer.  He will have a limited amount of copies of the first Issue of Gun Ghoul, so get them while you can!

Eden Park Tales

Eden Park Tales is a small, independent publisher of fantasy and science fiction media. Founded in 2013 by Jay Mooers and Kristi McDowell, Eden Park Tales is the home of Illweed, A Planet's Cry, and their flagship series, Autumn Grey. Eden Park Tales offers a variety of tales in different mediums, from comics to novels to artwork for any level of enjoyment. Available merchandise includes comic books, novels, t-shirts, and original artwork/prints by Jay.

Jesse Lundberg

Jesse Lundberg is a graphic artist who is ready to make his debut at this year's Free Comic Book Day.  Ranging from illustrations of some of comics' favorite heroes and villains to quick-minute sketches of caricatures and pop culture references, Jesse is rarely caught without a pen in his hand.  He is also the creator of the up-and-coming character Harold the Happy Human Eater: A zombie who thinks you should reevaluate your views of the Undead.

Follow him on Twitter at @jlundbergGD & @HaroldeatHumans


John "BUSTER" Patterson

John ‘Buster’ Patterson is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. He has worked in the video game industry as a conceptual artist and in the comics field, where he has contributed to the graphic novels Sky Ape: Waiting For Crime and Buffalo Speedway vol 2. He is currently working on several projects including an action/adventure comic book set in the 50’s and two graphic novels, a sci-fi thriller and a western, are planned for next year. He has been known to eat french fries with a fork.

Kimberly Parsons

Kimberly Parsons, an emerging Seacoast artist, uses art as a form of expression (and often therapy) as she works through being a 34 year old on disability due to a severe case of Crohn's disease. She is constantly trying to figure out how to balance being a "normal functioning" adult with her illness and finds drawing helps her in striking this balance. Kim focuses mainly on pen and ink illustration and welcomes you to explore her brain's cartoon world.

Liz Plourde & Randy Michaels

New Hampshire comic creators Liz Plourde & Randy Michaels will premiere How i Made the World, their new Xeric-award winning comic, in June. The comic is listed in the April issue of Previews, due March 26.

In How I Made the World, a college sophomore's art project becomes an obsession that spins her life out of control. Strange students and dangerous dreams turn her midterm into a "Monster"- that's just in the first story in this debut issue!

Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot is the cover artist of BOOM Comics KABOOM SUMMER BLAST Phantom Variant Edition.  Matt has a few of these to hand out, but only if you're worthy! 

Paul Timmons

Paul Timmons is an Illustrator who lives in Somersworth, NH. He studied Illustration at Montserrat College of art and received his BFA and a degree in Illustration. His whimsical art features a world of dark twisted characters inspired by Tim Burton, Dr. Seuss, and Edward Gorey. He explores the worlds of classic children's stories, as well as writing and illustrating his own Children's books. Paul works mostly with hand drawn illustrations, which he then completes digitally. He has also been using Sculpey art, creating characters you might want to take home! Check out his " Happy Nightmares" show located at The Portable Pantry in Rochester, NH! 

Sam Paolini

Sam Paolini is an artist, illustrator, printmaker, and clothing designer! Sam draws distressed dream creatures, mutants, intestines, eyes, saggy clouds, blobs of skin and bone, robot hybrids and alien flora. Sam uses these designs to make silk screened clothes from all recycled, vintage and discarded garments and fabric. Everything is hand printed, upcycled, and one-of-a-kind. Sam also has patches, posters of my illustrations, and pins!

Severed Head Comics

 Once again, NH proves it's the place that all up and coming comic creators get their start.  Severed Head Comics Presents is an anthology comic by a group of NH comic creators.  They are always looking for more contributors to their publication.  With 12 full issues produced, these guys are on top of the comic game!

The Barrington Middle School Comic Book Club

The Barrington Middle School Comic Club publishes ten AWESOME issues of "Multi-Age Media Presents" a year!
 All of the comics strips in each issue are made after school in the art room by students in grades 5 thru 8. The comic book is sold in the cafeteria during lunch, or through subscriptions delivered to home rooms.  The profits from the comic go towards purchasing graphic novels for the students of BMS to read.  This is the clubs 4th year (and second appearance at FCBD). Stop by their table and see the future of comic books!  

The Fat Squad

The creators of Red Claw, Fatsquad, and the Fat Guy Food Blog will be at FCBD selling all of their fat goods! Meet Jetpack's comic creators, and be sure to pick up the ALL NEW Red Claw #4, which will be available at Jetpack Comics' Free Comic Book Day 2014 festival! 

Visit www.fatsquad.com and Fat Guy Food Blog for more of their antics.  It's Large NH fun!





Victoria Price

She's a freelance artist who draws pretty ladies.Stop by and see how wonderful Vicky's work is!

FCBD DIsclaimers


FREE COMIC BOOK DAY FILMING & PHOTOGRAPHS.  Please note that there will be several film crews and photographers on hand at the Free Comic Book Day Festival.  Attending the Rochester Free Comic Book Day Festival is your tacit permission to film you and or your family without express written permission.  Images may be used in movie, TV, or still photographs for publicity and promotional purposes..

BACK ALLEY DEAL We welcome everyone to enter Jetpack Comics' rear (Union Street Parking Lot) entrance for a fee of $10 per person if they wish to skip the line at the store's front entrance. The Jetpack Back Alley deal will start between 9:15 & 9:30.

WEATHER ALERT Current weather predictions call for rain, so bring an umbrella, a rain coat, slickers and a waterproof bag. All of the lines (for comics, guests, vendor hall, etc) will start outside - be prepared.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY HOURS 10 - 4 but join us at the FCBD after party at the Garage at the Governor's Inn.

All guests, vendors, businesses and people in general are subject to personal and professional commitments.  Appearances and times may change at any time.  No refunds will be given for guest cancellations or changes - not that the event costs you anything anyway. Creators may elect to limit signing quanitites at any time.  Please be reasonable and respect their time. 

Special Needs and Requests.  The Free Comic Book Day Festival is an easy to access event with most locations being wheel-chair accessible and all locations being open to assist with any special needs or requests.  A variety of locations, including Jetpack Comics and the Event Hall, have options to purchase premium access and passes, which move you to the front of the line or give you premium participation.  If you choose to participate at the standard level there will be staff on hand to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible.  Thank you very much for joining us for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

Parents & Guardians must approve all comic books given out on FCBD.  If you chose not to enter the premises of any establishment, to view the comic book(s), then you have given approval for your child to take whatever they want.  Comic books may contain violence, adult situations and mature themes.  We highly recommend you take the time review what your child may be viewing. All guests are subject to professional commitments and are subject to change at any time. No refunds will be given for guest cancellations or changes - not that the event costs you anything anyway.