Our man, Rich Woodall presents.... Space Force!

Rich Woodall presents.... Space Force!

You guys! This is big ... no, wait, this is YUUUUUGE!

Local legend Rich Woodall strikes gold (again) with his new book, Space Force, only available on kickstarter.

Don't believe us, just listen to what the president (yes, mr. president to you) has to say on the matter:

From UFOs in the bible, to that crazy flat earth rocket guy (we love him… we do)… the United States has always lead the way in space exploration. Then, you look over here and, you’ve got good ol’ Christopher Columbus discovering America, before anyone else folks, he did. A lot of people don’t know that… he did.Then you've got me, stopping that crazy little north korean rocket guy… the United States has always lead the way in military might. These are the facts… I can’t make this stuff up, we’re great at war, really great… and space. The Best.

So, one day I’m thinkin’ where good at both of these things, why not smash them together? Eh? Wadda you say? And I came up with this great idea… Space Force!

The problem is, It’s a lot of money folks, a lot of money. And I really wanna do this Space Force thing, I do.

But I need your help folks. I need your help to raise some funds, and the best way I could possibly think of to do that… hire the best professional comic creators I could find, Rich Woodall and Dennis Hart to make a comic book of my vision of Space Force.

Now, we’re going to have rewards… look at them, original art, really the best art out there, you can’t get any better than this art. Stickers and Buttons, common, who doesn’t like a sticker or button? The kids love em’.

Stretch goals, we’ll have things like a hardcover. Yeah! Almost as beautiful as my daughter… mmmm… put some gold foil on it… just like those comic books in the 90s, and everyone knows they’re collector items now, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

We’ll could expand the book from 48 to 64 pages, it’s going to be HUGE!

You’re getting a good deal here, folks, the best deal really.

And don’t worry, the aliens will end up paying for this... or the Canadians, we haven’t figured that out yet, but we will, trust me.

Come on Folks, Join the fighting men of Space Force, and let’s Make Spacemerica Great Again!