Comic Review: Extraordinary X-Men #8

Extraordinary X-Men #8 (Marvel Comics)Extraordinary_X-Men_Vol_1_8_Teaser_Cover

The first X-Men crossover in All New All Different Marvel has arrived, and interestingly enough, it focuses on Apocalypse (I wonder why). With the exception of his young clone Genesis, not much has been seen of En-Sabah-Nur in recent X-Men history. But all that changes now with the start of “The Apocalypse Wars”, which kicks off in Jeff Lemire and Ken Lashley’s Extraordinary X-Men #8.

Or at least, it would, if this issue didn’t focus more on wrapping up the loose ends from the previous Extraordinary X-Men arc. A good half of the issue is spent having our various X-Men discuss recent events and come to terms with one another, and it’s not until about midway through the book that we start to see the start of the event. Lemire’s script may not set up too much for “Apocalypse Wars”, but he definitely showcases that he’s got a great handle on the various mutants’ characteristics, and we even get some more insight into the M-Pox virus that’s been affecting mutants.

Extraordinary X-Men #8 may feature a Humberto Ramos cover, but unfortunately Ramos isn’t doing the interior artwork. In his place is Ken Lashley, whose last work that I remember was in DC’s Suicide Squad relaunch. Lashley mimics Ramos’ style pretty well this issue, but he also doesn’t completely come off like a carbon copy of Ramos’ art. In fact, Lashley’s such a good fit for this book that I’d really like to see him take over the series whenever Ramos decides to leave.

So far “Apocalypse Wars” is off to a pretty slow start, but the final page that shows off the new Horsemen is pretty damn impressive, so I’ll definitely check out the next installment. With a crossover that goes across the other X books All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men I’m hopeful that the storyline will move along at a quicker pace. We could use a good X-Men crossover.