Comic Review: Renato Jones, The 1%

Renato Jones The One Percent #1 (Image Comics)STL004770

Kaare Andrews really hates rich people. If Renato Jones: The One Percent is any indication, the hit writer and artist of works like Iron Fist and Spider-Man: Reign has a strong dislike for anyone with a private jet or mansion. But I wouldn’t want him to turn down his hate at all, because the rage that fuels Renato Jones makes this one of the most unique first issues I’ve read all year.

Renato Jones follows, you guessed it, Renato Jones. After surviving a family tragedy brought on by his father’s wealth, Jones decides to use his father’s money and prestige to rid the world of the “1%”, those who look down upon the lower and middle class. A Punisher by way of the Occupy movement, Jones has been wreaking havoc on the upper class of society, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake as a warning, and his war is only beginning.

Writer and artist Kaare Andrews definitely has plenty of things to say with Renato Jones, and he wastes no time throwing us into the mix. Andrews’ skills as a writer and artist are both on full display here, with arguably some of his best work ever. Andrews, who has had some pretty public thoughts about the state of the “big two” in comics lately, puts it all out on the page with Renato Jones, bringing a sense of kinetic action and frenzy to every page. It almost reads like Andrews believes that at any second he’ll drop dead and won’t be able to finish the book. If there’s one complaint I have, it’s that some of Andrews’ characters can tend to get over-exaggerated, but one of the best things about Jones is that Andrews keeps you guessing at every page. You never know what you’ll get.

Renato Jones The One Percent is one hell of a comic, and I highly suggest that you check it out. Even if you don’t agree with Andrews’ views on the world right now, it’s hard to knock this book. Once again Image Comics has landed a huge creator with Kaare Andrews, and it brings them one step closer to closing the gap on Marvel and DC. Just imagine Renato Jones walking into THOSE offices….