Comic Review: Spider-Gwen #6

Spider-Gwen_Vol_2_6_TextlessSpider-Gwen #6 (Marvel Comics)

Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez’ Spider-Gwen has been spinning its wheels since the new post-Secret Wars relaunch. What initially started as a great new alternate world and hero started to almost give off the vibe of missed potential. To be completely honest, I was close to dropping the series.

But then I read this issue.

Spider-Gwen #6 finds Gwen teaming up with her world’s Captain America to take on Harry Osborn, who has now injected himself with the same formula that turned Peter Parker into the Lizard. A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who called himself “Green Goblin”, Osborn has been waiting for this moment to get revenge on Spider-Woman, who has long been falsely accused of being Peter’s killer. This all leads to a pretty satisfying conclusion, but it’s the character moments between Gwen and Harry that really stay with you.

Jason Latour’s script finally starts to flesh out Gwen and get into her psyche. She feels responsible for what happened to Peter, and it’s juxtaposed with Harry’s same feelings wonderfully. We see how both of these people deal with their grief in vastly different ways, and the final moment between Gwen and Harry is actually pretty heartfelt as well. Latour goes to great lengths to show how Peter Parker’s death has affected those closest to him, and it really works well.

Robbi Rodriguez has always been better at handling the more action heavy instances in Spider-Gwen, but he actually does a fantastic job of showcasing the quiet moments between our characters. Rodriguez depicts the pain and frustration on Gwen and Harry’s faces perfectly, and adds to Latour’s portrayal of the two characters.

If Spider-Gwen can deliver more issues like this, then we’re in good shape. The final moments with Gwen and her father, which has long been the main conflict of this series, are brought to a fitting end, just like Gwen’s feelings of sadness and grief over Peter. While Spider-Gwen could still fall into the trap of just showing us the “Gwenverse” versions of popular Marvel characters, this issue shows just what Latour and Rodriguez are capable of.