Comic Review: Rick and Morty #2

Rick and Morty #2 (Oni Press)STK670287

Many times licensed comics don’t work. However, with Rick & Morty from Oni Press, we have an exception to the rule. The Zac Gorman and CJ Cannon comic series fits in perfectly with the demented Adult Swim cartoon, and scratches fans’ itch for new episodes.

After being sold out to intergalactic cops by Jerry, Rick and Morty are placed into a labyrinth prison (that Rick also happened to design). The two are quickly in a mad dash as they try to make their way to the different caches that Rick installed when he created the maze, and after finding nearly all of them filled with booze, they’re able to start to hatch a plan to bust out. Meanwhile, Summer tries to convince her mom to turn Morty’s now vacant room into a gym, and Jerry, well, Jerry accidentally lets an alien loose in the house.

Zac Gorman’s script reads exactly like an episode of Rick and Morty. It’s so well done that it’s impossible to not hear the character’s voices in your head while reading this comic. Gorman also does a great job of setting up the stakes for Rick and Morty, and creates a pretty hilarious cliffhanger for issue 3. CJ Cannon’s art is also a perfect fit with the property, although at times the character’s facial expressions look a little strange.

If you’re a fan of Rick & Morty, then you should absolutely be picking this series up. It may not appeal to people who’ve never seen an episode of the show before, but fans will devour it. The attention to detail in this series is fantastic, and it’s a great way to tide you over until season 2 is released.