Waugh's Bag, Volume 4, Issue 47!

Waugh’s Bag

Volume 4, Issue 47!

“The Five Fandoms”

We’re all fans of stuff. That much is certain. But some of us are fans of more than just one or two things. Some of us have our fandom split amongst multiple different characters, genres, and mediums. Just like we don’t all have one specific thing that makes us who we are, not all of us are obsessed with one thing. A lot of our different fandoms bleed into others, and allow us to diversify our nerdy interests. So, with that in mind, I’ve coined the term the “Five Fandoms”, and figured I’d share my five and why they’re so important to me.  While they all move up and down this list, these are the five pop culture things that take up the most space in my brain, for better or worse.


1. Star Wars

This one should be pretty obvious from anyone who’s been following my social media for the past few months. My love of Star Wars knows no bounds, and of the five things in my fandom list, Star Wars is the only one that’s moved me to tears more than once. The Force Awakens hype has definitely nudged this one to the top of the fandom pile, but even without a new movie coming out shortly I’m sure this one would be towards the top.


2. Spider-Man/Marvel Comics

Second to Star Wars (for the time being) is Spider-Man, the comic character that has arguably had the biggest impact on my life ever. Spider-Man has shaped the person I am today, instilling in me a sense of values and beliefs that I strive to live up to every day of my life. “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” is a motto that I take very, very seriously, and I try to live up to those ideals. Spider-Man was my gateway drug to the Marvel Universe, and as much as I enjoy DC, I’ll admit that I’ve always gravitated more towards the Marvel side of the comic book world than DC, and a large part of that is because the first comic book I remember receiving was a Spider-Man one.


3. Batman

I know, I just stated that I lean more Marvel than DC. But that doesn’t mean that the Dark Knight doesn’t have a place in my heart. Before I knew about comic books, I knew about Batman. My squirting flower Joker was the first action figure I ever got as a kid, and I have fond memories of watching reruns of the Adam West Batman series and Batman: The Animated Series with my Dad when I was a kid. Second only to Spidey, Batman is another character that has had a huge influence on me, and his cast of villains is second to none in the world of pop culture.


4. James Bond

Speaking of watching things with my Dad, James Bond is a hugely important piece of pop culture to me. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas TBS and SPIKE TV would air Bond marathons, and my Dad and I would devour them. From Connery to Moore to even Dalton, we watched them all multiple times, much to my mother’s chagrin. And as my brother got older, he got wrapped up into to it too. Bond is a such a big thing for the Waugh men that when Casino Royale first hit I waited to see it until I could go with my Dad and brother, and didn’t express my thoughts on Daniel Craig as Bond until I knew what my Dad thought of him (thankfully, we both loved him). My Dad’s an extremely hard working guy, and one of the things that comes with that is that he’s not always home all the time, so I cherish the times we had watching the Bond marathons, even when we sat through some of the weaker ones. 


5. The Dark Tower

Stephen King’s magnum opus is the most recent fandom on my list. I hadn’t even heard of The Dark Tower until Marvel started publishing their Dark Tower comics in 2006. But once I cracked open the first issue of The Gunslinger Born”, I was hooked. I devoured all seven novels in the Dark Tower series over the course of a few months, and after finishing them, I felt a legitimate sense of sadness that I’d never see Roland and his Ka-Tet again. While this fandom may be the lowest on the list, that doesn’t mean that I don’t become extremely protective whenever I hear that there’s talk of another movie or TV adaptation of the saga of Roland Deschain and the Dark Tower. In fact, there’s a part of me that thinks that it should never be attempted because it’ll never live up to my expectations.

So there you have it: the five fandoms of Waugh. These are the five pop culture items that have had the biggest effect on me in my life, and while some of them may go up and down on the list, it’ll be really hard for any of them to be replaced by something new at this point.  But you never know, it’s certainly possible that some new comic, TV show, book, or movie could swoop in and wipe one of these guys off the list. That’s the beauty of the times we live in. There’s always something new just around the corner.