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The randomized collectibles collection tailored to your interests at a fraction of their retail value.

All you have to do is select a category, pick a size, add it to your cart and BAM.  A box of nerd love is on its way to you – oh wait, you do have to pay for it.  All Dork Bags are randomized in content.  No two are EVER the same.  Each one contains AT LEAST the $ amount assigned to it, for just one low price.  Dollar amount is based on the SRP of the items.

Dork Bags are what they are & contain what they contain.  We are unable
to customize Dork Bag content so please don’t ask.
That’s why we tell you they are randomized.

All Dork Bag pricing includes the cost of US shipping so you only pay what you see plus appropriate  sales tax in your area and every Dork Bag will contain some cool promotional material.  That’s right. Free junk for you to throw away.

INTERNATIONAL DORKS – Please inquire about costs for Dork Bags shipping out of the continental U.S.

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