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It’s time to order the next standard Magic release. You’re gonna save big if you preorder but the window closes soon.

THIS JUST IN:  Bundle: Compleat Edition Oil Slick Raised Foil Basic Lands

Oil slick raised foils are a new foil treatment ONLY found in the Phyrexia: All Will Be One Bundle: Compleat Edition—and it isn’t just available on basic lands.
Bundle: Compleat Edition will contain
1 Compleat Edition booster—contains 2 special foil Mythic Rare cards + 10 special foil Land cards
12 Phyrexia: All Will Be One MTG Set Boosters—the best boosters to open just for fun
40 Traditional Foil land cards that celebrate the glory of Phyrexia
1 Traditional Foil Rare promo card
Compleat Bundle-exclusive foil card box

BUY A BOX PROMOS are only available for in-store pick up orders and are provided on a first paid basis. No exceptions. We can not ship them.

Mail-Order orders will ship the day before release through release weekend if orders are significant. All past orders have shipped the day before release or release day.

RELEASE DATE – EVERYONE can pick up everything on 2/3.
Buy a Box promos go to first paid in order until they are gone.


Prize support for prereleases SHOULD be PHYREXIA ALL WILL BE ONE set boosters. 1 per player.

If something sells out sign up for our in stock notifier but watch for price changes. Please check back in case WotC changes the dates.

  • Take home prerelease
    2/3 – 2/9
  • In-store prerelease
    2/3 – Friday
    2/5 – Sunday
    Both at same times
  • All product will be available on 2/3
  • Complete bundle is still 2/24

NOTE – You must provide a name for each Prerelease kit for take home so that we may report it to WOTC.

Complete Bundle Edition – Friday 2/24/23 @ 10 am
All Dates subject to change but hopefully they won’t

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