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With any luck we will have something on 7/1 but are uncertain as to what will be arriving.  Transportation issues seem to have caused a distributor wide delay.

Releasing aprx 7/1/22

The Pokemon Go Collection is the next in the series of special Pokemon sets.  No booster boxes or individual packs for sale.  You can only get them in these special collections.  Order your today.  The earlier your order the better your chance of getting them right on release.  As with all Pokemon product these are subject to allocation and wave shipments.  Don’t get caught in an allocated Wave, order today.

NOTE: local buyers have a 30 day ordering window prior to mail-order.  There is a limit of 2 of each of any item, per buyer.  If your order exceeds this or you place multiple orders and exceed the limit all orders over the limit get moved to the end of the shipping / pick up window.  We’re just trying to be fair to everyone.

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