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3/18/23 – 3/26/23

TAKE HOME prerelease – Only prerelease kits (build & battle) can be sold during the prerelease period.

IN-STORE PRERELEASES – We will be open extra late both nights

  • SATURDAY 3/18 @ 4 PM
  • THURSDAY 3/23 @ 6 PM

POKEMON SCARLET & VIOLET Release Date – 3/27

Everything becomes available.

Pokemon Intl is raising prices as of the release of Scarlet & Violet.  

Placing your order is your agreement to our pre-order, allocation and wave shipment policies.  Once placed, canceled orders incur a 5% cancellation fee.  Please review the agreement prior to check out.

PRERELEASE EVENTS & PRODUCTS  on sale 3/18 – 3/26
This is only the things you can get EXTRA EARLY

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