Waugh's Bag Volume 6, Issue 12!

Waugh’s Bag

Volume 6, Number 12!

“A League United”


After months of nervous anticipation, we finally have our look at Warner Bros’ Justice League, a film that would’ve had a ton of criticism heaped upon it regardless of how Batman V Superman or Suicide Squad were received. By not going the Marvel route and introducing the rest of their superheroes as a team instead of in their own solo movies, Warner Bros is playing a risky gamble. Not only that, but they’ve also had some pretty public shake ups since the release of Batman V Superman, namely in the restructuring of DC Entertainment, which put DC writing superstar Geoff Johns into the co-chair seat. With a lot of the movie going (and comic reading public) hoping for a little more hope in their DC movies, all eyes were on this trailer to give us a taste of what to expect this November.  Now that it’s hit, what’s the prognosis?

Well, we’ve got jokes, that’s for sure. And while the humor works for the most part, it looks in complete contrast to the visuals that we are seeing. This is still a pretty dark looking movie, so having the super slow mo and dreary color palate that we expect from Zack Snyder in a movie that also has Aquaman cracking a joke about Batman’s outfit is pretty weird.

But, it’s still pretty cool to see all of these characters come together. There’s a major focus on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, who is already my favorite part of the movie and I haven’t even seen it. Zack Snyder and Warner Bros’ plan has been to make you rethink the whole “talking to fish” joke with the character, and so far it’s working really well.  I won’t be surprised if Aquaman ends up being the breakout character of the movie.  

Of course, there are still some problems. I still don’t like the look of Cyborg, and we barely get any sense of Flash in this trailer, but the idea of Batman having to assemble the Justice League and deal with all of these personalities is pretty damn intriguing, and even gives me a small amount of hope that Justice League could not only turn the WB DC ship around, but also maybe even improve Batman V Superman in hindsight.

At the very least, the Justice League trailer proves that WB is trying to listen to their audience. They could’ve just doubled down on the grim and grittiness that was established before, but now it seems like they are making a serious effort to try and course correct and give people what they want (and also keep the grim and gritty look they established). It remains to be seen if they’ll be able to pull it off, but for now, Justice League seems like a step in the right direction for the studio. I know I’m being more hopeful than most on the internet, but I’m rooting for this one.