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12:01 AM

Featuring Steve Lavigne, Dan Conner, Rich Woodall, Ryan Higgins, Josh Belanger, Vero Stewart & more?

The new first issue of the ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series drops on 7/24 at 12:01 AM (yup that’s a Tuesday event leading into a Wednesday midnight release.

Your Megastore is hosting a mega evening event leading up to this momentous occasion – a whole new chapter begins in TMNT history.

We’ve got guests.  We’ve got Pizza.  You know we’ve got TMNT merch like no one else. 

We’re even dropping a few exclusive surprises you can only get starting at this event.
Plus a a special sale on TMNT merch in the store**



Steve Lavigne

is heading up this party of parties – no need for us to tell you who he is with…

Dan Conner

has TMNT street cred but is also the author of The Nightmare Before Christmas Battle for Pumpkin King, a best selling NBX manga.


Of course you’ll see this motley crew that all have TMNT history including PMC40 exclusive covers



Rich Woodall

Josh Belanger


Ryan Higgins

Vero Stewart

Signing & Pizza Details

The signing and pizza party start about 8 PM on 7/23, with guests staying as long as they want, at their discretion.  Some may arrive earlier.  Some may arrive later.  Some may leave earlier.  Some may leave later.  It’s a Tuesday night.  don’t miss your chance to hang with these guys, eat pizza and have fun.  Expect most guests to leave around 11 pm but not Kyle.

Kyle is keeping the store open until 12:15 AM.  At 12:00:01 AM 7/24 Kyle will allow you to purchase your NEW TMNT #1.  Tons of covers.  All available at 12:00:01 AM.


IDW is giving every store 10 sets of exclusive TMNT pins (Each released one at a time through the first 4 issues).  With only 10 sets per store these pins will be highly sought after.

How do you win??
Add the new TMNT to your subscription (or start a TMNT sub with us).  Stay until midnight and get 1 lottery entry for each TMNT #1 you purchase starting at 12:00:01 AM 7/24.  Get 2 entries for each INCENTIVE variant you purchase.  THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO ENTER TO WIN THESE COLELCTIBLES.***

Did you already preorder your TMNT #1(s) from us?  No worries.  As long as you are there to pick them up at midnight you will be entered to win.

** Sale does not include the new #1, any PMC40 merch, any merch for sale in the event room or any of the guests merch.  It’s just the in-store TMNT merch / comics / trades not exempted above.
*** Yes, we understand that not everyone can make the event.  Send a friend.  Send an enemy.  Send your mom because the only entries are for those that attend and pick up / purchase at midnight. 

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