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Now offering CGC grading on all of our exclusives.

$75 first comics & $45 each one after.

Turn around time can be up to 45 days or longer. It all depends on how busy CGC is.

(costs include fast track on comics [not applicable to magazine size] shipping & insurance to & from CGC)

To insure a faster turn around time CGC submissions take first priority when a new Jetpack Exclusive releases.

These are pulled & shipped prior to raw orders being filled.

Jetpack Comics LLC is an authorized CGC submissions vendor.

Do you have books you’d like to submit for CGC grading?

Just follow these simple instructions and we can provide a quote for you.

Email us the following details about your comic books

1 – Exact Title, Issue # & Date of Publication.

  • This can all be found in the indica, inside of the comic book.
  • Do not use the date on the cover of the comic book as this is not the publication date.

2 – Any special attributes about the comic book.

  • Variant, printing other than first print, pedigree, etc.
  • COAs are not a special attribute nor a signatures. Signatures on a comic book will actually bring in a lower grading unless you have made use of a CGC signature witness, in which case we would not be submitting it for you as the witness would.

3 – The value you place on the comics book for insurance purposes. 

  • This is the one that rips everyone up so pay close attention.
  • The amount you value the comic book affects how much it will cost to grade and how much it will cost for shipping each direction.
  • The amount you value the comic book is the amount you would get if it was damaged in transit, in the possession of CGC or in the possession of Jetpack Comics.
  • For legal reasons we can not advise you on this.  You have to determine the value yourself.

4 – Do you want to pay extra for faster service?

  • CGC can take up to 2 months or longer, at times.  There are options to have it done faster.  Of course that comes with a price.
  • With that information we can provide you a quote.
  • Please do not bring books for CGC to Jetpack until you have received and confirmed your quote.  Once this is done we can accept your books for CGC submission.



Please note that once books are shipped out we have no way to retrieve them until the process is complete.  Plan on a minimum of 2 months.  All CGC inquiries are handled via email.  DON’T BUG THE CLERK CAUSE HE DON’T KNOW.
CGC does not return mylar, bags, boards, COAs, or any other trinket or bauble you send with your submission.

About CGC
Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) revolutionized the comic book marketplace when it was founded in 2000 by providing clear, objective and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. Today, CGC is the world’s largest and most trusted third-party grading service for comics, magazines, concert posters and related collectibles with more than 5 million collectibles certified since 2000.

Benefits of CGC Grading
Accurate, consistent and impartial grading from CGC has made the hobby safer, more transparent and more vibrant. Collectors and dealers trust that any collectible graded by CGC has been authenticated, checked for restoration and graded according to widely accepted standards by multiple professionals. They also know that it has been encapsulated in a tamper-evident holder designed for long-term preservation. This added confidence and protection has made it easier and safer to buy, sell and collect comic books.


In the event that CGC, at its sole discretion, determines that the fair market value of a collectible is higher than the value stated by the submitter, CGC will move the collectible to the appropriate higher tier and the additional charge will be the responsibility of the submitter. For more information on determining fair market value, review the Declared Value Policy.  please make that a link leading to a page with the following.

CGC Declared Value Policy

Submitters to CGC are required to list a declared value for each collectible in their submission. By submitting a collectible and listing a declared value, the submitter agrees that the declared value represents the current fair market value (FMV) of the submitted collectible. The declared value must represent the FMV of a genuine collectible of that same issue and variety in the same approximate condition.

If you do not know the collectible’s current fair market value, you can assign a declared value based on the price you paid for the collectible (if purchased recently), a value you found in a price guide, the price a dealer offered to pay you for the collectible or other reasonable determining method.

CGC does not assign values to collectibles. If CGC determines that a collectible is undervalued and does not qualify for the tier or services selected, it may adjust the tier and charge the appropriate difference in CCS services, grading and/or services fees based on its determination of the collectible’s current Fair Market Value. (Note: CGC will adjust the tier even if the collectible is later determined to be not genuine, altered or otherwise ungradable.) CGC will not, however, change the declared value originally assigned by the submitter.

The declared value is used to insure a collectible while it is at CGC’s facility. In addition, in the extremely rare event that a collectible is lost or damaged while at CGC’s facility, the submitter will be compensated based on the collectible’s current Fair Market Value (as defined below) in the condition in which it was received by CGC; provided that in no event will the compensation exceed the declared value listed by the submitter on the CGC Submission Form. It is therefore very important that the declared value listed by the submitter represent the collectible’s current fair market value.

Fair Market Value: For the purposes of this Policy, the “current Fair Market Value” is the value of the collectible if it were to be sold, as determined by CGC in its sole reasonably exercised discretion. CGC will determine the current Fair Market Value of a collectible based upon what CGC believes, in its sole reasonably exercised opinion, to be reliable current market information. CGC may use actual pricing and sales information available to it, including prices in the actual transaction history of the collectible in question. However, due to the volatile nature of the collectible market and Internet auctions/sales as well as the differences in buying habits of different individuals, such information may not necessarily represent the accurate current Fair Market Value of any particular collectible, which again, will be determined by CGC in its sole reasonably exercised discretion. CGC reserves the right to use the declared value listed by the submitter on the CGC Submission Form as the current Fair Market Value, and in no event will CGC’s determination of current Fair Market Value exceed the declared value listed by the submitter on the CGC Submission Form. CGC’s determination of the current Fair Market Value will be absolute and binding on all parties.

Please note that this policy also applies for submissions to Classic Collectible Services (CCS), an affiliate of CGC, if CCS services are selected on the CGC Submission Form.

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