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** JUST ADDED  ** SUNDAY 5/9 @ 4pm MH3 prerelease

** Special offer – if you play in our  Friday or Saturday (or both) pre-releases you can play in the Sunday event for just $50.  Just show up Sunday and we’ll verify your participation and you can pay the $50 at the counter.

Want to play in all 3?  Well you can select that option as well for just $184.99.
If you already purchased the Friday / Saturday pair you can just pay the $50 on Sunday.


MTG; Modern Horizons – Shipping and available 6/14/2024 (but it may be available 6/7, with the prerelease as WOTC has been giving us a 1 week early bump)

The next Magic premium set is available to order now but we’ve got some info to share. 

If you skip reading this it’s your own fault.

We are expecting that this set will be allocated like none other, but we’re NOT over-ordering in hopes of that.  There are limits to what you can order of each item offered.
If you place multiple orders all of your orders get bumped to the end of the line.
That means you may miss out entirely.  Don’t be that guy.  Just order your limit.

Order early.  Orders are filled in the order they are placed (unless you try to cheat and get bumped to the end).  If you order late, and WotC allocates it, you may end up with a refund.


There is a limit on all items.  Please don’t play the multi-order game to try to get around this.  It will just bump you to the back of the line.  All of your orders will become LAST FILLED.  Don’t be that guys.

Note that sale pricing can end at anytime.

MAGIC MODERN HORIZONS 3 IN-STORE PRERELEASES are 6/7 @ 7 pm and 6/8 @ 4 pm.  Each entry includes 1 play booster to the prize pool

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