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It’s time to order the next standard Magic release and we’re offering deals like never before.  There’s TOO MUCH Magic coming out so we’re going to make it easier for you to keep up.  Order early and you’re gonna save big if you preorder but the window closes soon.

WOTC UPDATE – Due to circumstances beyond their control, Wizards has announced delays in delivery of of some products the Caverns of Ixalan set.

While we expect to have most product on time, there may be a delay in Collector Boosters and a portion of our Commander Deck order.

Release Dates

Please check back in case WotC changes the dates.

  • Prerelease – Friday 11/10 @ 7 pm & Saturday 11/11 @  4 pm
  • Take Home prerelease – 11/10  @ 10 am thru 11/16 @ 8 pm.
    NOTE – You must provide a name for each Prerelease kit for take home so that we may report it to WOTC.
  • Release Date – Friday 11/10 @ 10 am

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