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Meet the Sidekick Mini for Collectible Cards!

The problem?

You know it well. How to protect your cards in a half-full box?

Those precious trading cards are safe when your short box (or long box) is full. The cards remain upright and protected.

But when it’s not full?

What happens when you start a new box, with too much empty space?

Your cards slide, slouch, flop,  bend, and crease. And your NM+ cards pick up dents and dings.

The Solution

The SideKick accessory hooks onto the sidewall of any typical card box, gripping the cardboard snugly to stay put. This gives your valued cards the RIGHT fit in any box, holding them upright and damage-free.

No more wads of bubble wrap. Or cardboard, backing boards, or whatever else you’ve been using. And no need to spring for another expensive plastic box!

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