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Pokemon League at Jetpack Comics!

Join us in our game room on Thursday nights from 5pm to 8pm for tons of Pokemon fun!

While this event is primarily focused on the Trading Card Game, we encourage Pokemon enthusiasts of all types to come on down and hang out! Play some casual matches of the TCG, trade cards, or take part in our paid entry Standard Format Tournament!

Did we mention that if you stay until the end, you get a free Play Pokemon prize pack?*

That’s right.  We have special Pokemon packs for League attendees.  All you have to do it stay to the end and you’ll get a free prize pack

Tournament Details: Starts at 5:30pm. Price of entry is equal to the price of a single Pokemon pack.(Usually $4.50) Each entry fee goes straight towards packs that go into the prize pool. Place well in the tournament and get your choice of the cards that are opened from the prize pool packs. Make sure you bring a Standard Format deck!

The Pokemon TCG appeals to, and is played by all ages. Ranging from ages 8 to adults, our family friendly event welcomes everyone. Children under 16 must have a parent or guardian with them for the duration of the event. Minors may not trade cards without in person parental permission. Our staff can assist with verifying “fair” trades.

*While supplies last

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