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Jon Waugh: Assistant Manager Supreme of Jetpack Comics! Nerd! Geek! Educator (yes really)!

Here you’ll find the Mighty Waugh’s thoughts on all things geeky. From the latest comic book announcements to video game releases, nothing escapes his grasp! Remember, the thoughts and opinions of Jon Waugh are his and his alone, and not those of Jetpack Comics. Any problems you have with his posts, take them to him when he’s working!


Waugh’s Bag Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Nine!

Waugh's Bag Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Nine!“A Week of Marvels”It's been quite the week for Marvel Studios. After months and months of anticipation, the entertainment juggernaut finally released a new trailer for Captain Marvel, and the first teaser trailer for the…

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Jon's Righteous Comic Reviews
(or you name this column chum)

Comic Reviews: The Batman Who Laughs #1

  The Batman Who Laughs #1 (DC Comics) As the biggest breakout character from Dark Nights: Metal, it's no surprise that The Batman Who Laughs was going to stick around the DC Universe. But it is a surprise to see…

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Comic Review: Detective Comics #994

  Detective Comics #994 (DC Comics) Like a lot of the first Rebirth titles, Detective Comics started off extremely strong, only to lose steam as different creative teams came and went on the title. The previous arc was honestly so…

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