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Jon Waugh: Assistant Manager Supreme of Jetpack Comics! Nerd! Geek! Educator (yes really)!

Here you’ll find the Mighty Waugh’s thoughts on all things geeky. From the latest comic book announcements to video game releases, nothing escapes his grasp! Remember, the thoughts and opinions of Jon Waugh are his and his alone, and not those of Jetpack Comics. Any problems you have with his posts, take them to him when he’s working!


Waugh’s Bag, Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Five!

Waugh's Bag Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Five “Stan” Stan Lee is gone. Even typing those words feels surreal. For many, myself included, it seemed like Stan Lee would be around forever, making Marvel Studios cameos and appearing at cons with a…

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Jon's Righteous Comic Reviews
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Comic Review: Wonder Woman #58

Wonder Woman #58 (DC Comics) Despite having a film that was a massive success critically and financially, Wonder Woman's adventures on the comic page have taken a bit of a hit lately. After a great relaunch from Greg Rucka and…

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Comic Review: Murder Falcon #2

Murder Falcon #2 (Image Comics) Daniel Warren Johnson's Murder Falcon was an assured debut issue, which should come as no surprise given his pedigree as the creator of Extremity. I was so impressed with this opening issue that I decided…

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