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Join us every Monday for Commander at Jetpack

It’s finally happening.  Commander nights at Jetpack are here.

Mondays from 5:30 – 8:30.  If we can grow the community we will stay open even later for bigger & better events.

Casual Commander! – Casual will always be welcome, even during other Commander events.

  • All skill levels welcome.
  • Focus on fun and social EDH.

House rules:

    1. Fun For All.
  • Be mindful of playing attritious cards: land destruction, turn stealing, solitaire decks, etc.
  • Rule 0: talk to your playgroup about power level and type of gameplay
  • Be welcoming to new players and ready to switch up play groups regularly
      • Playtest/proxy cards welcome
    1. Stay Casual.
      • We ask that players refrain from infinite combo strategies (this means a game plan that actively plays towards/tutors for fast game ending combos)
      • We ask that players refrain from easily exploited fast mana (mana crypt, mox diamond, chrome mox, sol ring, gemstone caverns, etc.). 
        • Yes, sol ring is fast mana! Although to many it is considered a “staple”; it is also responsible for many lopsided games. Our hope is for players to use the empty slot in their decks to add other fun, synergistic cards.
        • Exceptions (due to severe limitations): Jeweled Lotus, Mox Amber, Lotus Petal
          • Jeweled Lotus and Lotus Petal are reasonable/restrictive rituals when not used to actively combo
          • Mox Amber is a fairly restrictive card that limits early game exploitation
    2. Fair Magic
  • We ask that all players remain above board. 
  • If there are any rules questions please speak to the judge.
      1. If there are any concerns on a player’s honesty please speak to the shop.
      2. If a player is ignoring the house rules please speak to the judge.

We’re starting out with a casual Magic Commander meet up each week and moving into other events in the coming months.
Casual play has always been the cornerstone of Commander at Jetpack and will always be encouraged

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