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$1, $3, 5/$10, wall books, back stock & more

Looking to fill a want list or just want to shop a back issue inventory in general?  We’re the place you want to be.

The SALE room is loaded up with an all new $1 selection.  Thousands of new books added and we’ve separated the Marvel & DC from the indy books, at your request.

We’ve increased our selection of Variants and lowered many of the prices.  There’s a new selection of $3 each or 5 for $10 comics.  This includes some Silver Age, Lots of Bronze and all kinds of great modern.

And THE WALL!  The wall has been loaded up with Silver & Golden Age books, Bronze and all kinds of key issues.  Giant Size X-Men #1, Iron Man #55, New Mutants #98, and hundreds more of key books.  Lots of high grade cgc-able books. Stop in this week and check out our Back Stock selction!


Our Dollar Room

We spend hours every week adding new books to the $1 Comic Room! New books that are just a dollar! They’re even organized alphanumerically to make your Sale Room experience even easier!

Stop in and see what We put in this week!
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