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More than a decade after the Last Ronin defeated the Foot Clan, New York City finds itself in a state of steady decline. Now, the disparate gangs vie for economic and political control and that the chaos is taking its toll. It’s clear to Casey Marie that if something isn’t done soon, the city she knows and loves will be lost forever. So, whether they’re ready or not, she and her young pupils must raise a new coalition and lead the charge to keep the peace. Witness the rise of the next generation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they fight to restore peace to the streets they live below! Legendary TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman proudly presents the next epic chapter of The Last Ronin, reassembling the acclaimed creative team from the original monster bestseller for a second oversized, prestige format miniseries event!


This series on sale date starts on 3/6/24 and may be bi-monthly.  It may be late.  We will ship on and through the week of release . Please keep this in mind when you order.  If you want them shipped as they release do not order all of the issues (1 – 5 as we list them) together, or your order will not ship until the series completes.

Not sure what that means?  Drop us an email.

Please remember that all orders are final.  Canceled orders will incur a 5% processing fee.

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