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Have this week’s books ready when you walk in the door!

We’ll pull the things you want and hold them til you pick them up.

It’s not a wish list! It’s all the things we’re going to get for you.

Comic Books, Toys, Graphic Novels, Games and more. Thousands of items to choose from every month.
Never miss out on your favorites again.

No – the service doesn’t cost anything

Yes – We’ve got a couple rules to go with it

How do I sign up for your service?

Email ( us the list of what you want us to hold for you and we’ll get it started.
Looking for a comprehensive list?

You can find the most current catalog at

To start using the Jetpack Comics Pull & Hold service just email us at

To start we’ll need your, Name, mailing address , phone & email address and the list of titles you want to subscribe to, as well as your special orders.
Be sure you are specific about your items so we are sure to get the items you want.

Once a month we’ll send you an email with a link to the newest Previews Catalog

New items are available for you to pick up every Wednesday.

You can click through each issue and see all of the thousands of items available that month.
From there you can email us a list of the titles you want to subscribe to, and you can email us the item code (available right there int eh catalog) for special items you want us to order for you.


Prefer to get a PRINT version of PREVIEWS?  Let us know.  For just $3.99 a month you get the HUGE previews catalog along with the marvel Previews Catalog and the Image Plus magazine.
We can even get you the Previews Order form if you need one.  Be sure to add this to your sub list if you’d like it.

We’ve got a few policies we need you to follow, for your use of the Jetpack Pull & Hold Service.

We may require pre-payment for expensive or exclusive items. We’ll let you know when we see your order

We ask that you please pick up your holds every two weeks or so. If your holds go over 3 consecutive issues or $75 we’ll need you to pick it all up before we can add more to it.

You can add or remove items & titles at any time but we will ask you to pick up the issues / items we’ve already ordered for you.  Once ordered we can not cancel an item so changing your subscription may have you getting 2 – 3 more issues of a title. Please keep a close eye on changes to the titles you love so you can inform us of a change as soon as possible.

Please see us in store or email us any changes you’d like us to make to your hold service.  Please DO NOT use Facebook, Twitter or other forms of Social Media to get us to change your subscription.  We’re sure to mess that up so just a simple friendly email if you want us to make any changes.

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