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That’s right. All the Magic the Gathering Fun is happening at the Megastore.

CASUAL FRIDAY MAGIC – Starts around 5 pm but come whenever you want.
There’s people playing Commander or just trying out a deck. It’s a casual group that just enjoys playing magic. Plenty of people to learn from and lot’s to watch.

FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC (FNM) DRAFT – $15 when standard packs are used, or more for specialty sets, gets you 3 packs for Drafting. DON’T OPEN THE PACKS. Drafting is very specific so get your packs, get into the game room by 7pm and wait for the TO to let you know what to do.

$5 from each entry goes to the prize pool and we give away additional promo packs as well. Prize packs depend on # of rounds.

Three rounds

  • Go 3 – 0 get 2 regular packs
  • Go 2 – 1 get 1 regular pack

Four Rounds

  • Go 4 – 0 get 2 regular packs
  • Go 3 – 1 get 1 regular pack

The last FRIDAY of the month we give away the coveted FOIL packs for 3 – 0 or 4 – 0

Every Friday.

Be sure to ask about our Planeswalker card. You can earn stuff just for playing at the megastore.


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