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Starts on Wednesday 4/5 the weekly from 6 – 8 pm.  Email the DM to sign up today.

From Our New DM, Gavin:
Greetings Rochester, I’m Gavin, a high schooler looking to start a new campaign at Jetpack on April 5th, and all are welcome!

Welcome to the Thwenvyn Cup, a fantasy race that takes place once a century for those brave enough to make it! Inspired by the stories of the Cannonball Run and Rat Race, this tale of heroes takes its own magic-filled twist! Geared towards beginners, students, and first-time players, this family-friendly campaign needs players ready for adventure. For the race only has two rules; you have one (in-game) week to get across the treacherous island of Borlovia, and not to get caught!

I will be accepting 3-6 players ages 10 and up. We will be (as of right now) meeting on Wednesdays from 6  to 8.  If you’re interested, here is my email at  Please be sure to reach out to me so I have an accurate count on how many people will be joining us.

I like to also mention that there is inevitably going to be violence, mild and in traditional D&D style, but combat and violence nonetheless. Also references to the dead, undead, pirates, bugs, swords, vampires, and potentially alcohol. y’know, things that could an eleven-year-old up at night.

Character creation will take place on 4/5.

Game play is FREE.  The only requirement is that you show up weekly or let the DM know when you can’t make it.  If you miss more than 2 sessions in a row we may have to replace your spot.

Please keep in mind that Jetpack requires a guardian be present for anyone under the age of 16.


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