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Covid 19 means we’ll tailor your savings to you!

You pick the day & time. Donations are still required.


This is our in-store offer ONLY.


You pick the day. You pick what you get to save on.
What else could you ask for?

While dozens of you have signed up for our MAKE YOUR OWN BF SALE, even more of you have not. Why should you sign up for it?  Just two simple reasons!

  1. YOU SAVE MONEY ON THE THINGS YOU WANT – Yes, you pick what you want to save $ on.
  2. NO LINES, NO WAITING, NO CROWDS – You pick the date & time you want to shop.

So head on down below and fill out the form today.  We’ll hit you back with your date & time and how much you’re going to save. As always, donations are required.  We reward you with big savings in exchange for helping the community.  We’ll let you know what you have to bring when we email you back. The dates run from now thru 12/20.  Don’t miss your chance to save big for the holidays.  Save for you.  Save for your friends.

How’s it work? Simple.

Completely fill out the form below.

We’ll send you an email confirming the day, time and savings offer per category along with your donation requirements to save. You show up on your day & time to shop. Show the clerk your confirmation (print or on your smartypants phone) and walk out saving $$. Save for you. Save for Christmas presents. Save for the people you hate. Questions about this?? Drop us an email.

Wednesday & Saturday time slots will be very limited so make sure you provide 3 distinctly different days & times during our OPEN hours but no later than 1 hour before we close that day.

Categories should be from the following list – no need to be brand specific

New Comic Books, Card Games, Board Games, Graphic Novels / Books, Toys & Misc Merch, Statues & Busts, Old Comic Books, Role Playing Games, Miniature Games, Party Games, Redbull & Soda. Feel free to write in a category we may have missed.

Be sure to read our disclaimers and remember your donations!

Fill out the Form Below to Reserve Your Spot!

1 – Don’t pick the day you are emailing as the day you want the deals.

Plan at least 2 days out. We need time to check your request against the already scheduled people.
We need time to customize your offer. We actually had someone send in their request for that day with 3 different times for that day.

2 – Give us a range of days.

Picking different times all on one day won’t work if we’ve already filled the slots for that day. Give us very distinct and different options. We actually had someone send in their request for that day with 3 different times for that day.

We want to give you deals. Don’t make us work that hard to give you special offers on things.


Be sure to read through everything below!

All donations must be presented to a  Jetpack Staff member, for  inspection, prior to any deals.
Jetpack Staff has the final  say on donations.
FOOD donations must be in code (not expired), sealed and can not be  rusted or dented.

New toys must have tags / packaging.  Toy donations may not be loose plush toys.

TOILETRY donations must be new, sealed and in code.

TOY donations must be NEW, UNWRAPPED, and have a fair retail value of  $10 or more.
NONE OF THE DONATIONS CAN SUCK and SUCK is defined by the Jetpack Staff  members.  Jetpack Staff earn bonuses for every SUCK donation they report.  Try real hard not to suck!

Savings & Sale restrictions
Sales can not be combined with special coupons, other sales or savings events, or any bulk discounted product (meaning there is no additional discount on a box of magic cards as it’s already cheap). Sale pricing does not apply to special orders (including subscriptions).


LIMIT OF ONE BLACK FRIDAY OFFER PER FAMILY / ADDRESS. SALES & DEALS can not be applied to Subscription, Hold or Special Order merchandise. Store Credit cannot be used for Sale & Deal offers.

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