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International Artist/Illustrator Doug Mac has been doing work for the publishing world, the music industry, muscle car builders and gaming and pinball companies for over twenty years. Doug was a regular contributor to Ol’Skool Rodz Magazine, The Village Voice, San Diego City Beat and Girls and Corpses magazine. Doug has worked with the Discovery Channel American Hot Rods show. He has done commission work for Alice In Chains, Lita Ford, Grammy winner Luke Combs and many others. Doug is a frequent guest at Gaming shows, Horror festivals and Comic Cons. He is currently promoting his new book “Tales From Rock Bottom” published by Rat Records of North Hollywood, CA.

Doug Mac Art | Illustrations | Lowbrow Art | Illustrator | T-shirt art | Hot Rod Art | Rockabilly Art | Poster Art | band shirts | grotesque caricatures, artist, cartoonist, 1950s and 1960s art, Kustom art

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