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Details for 2020 FCBD are coming soon, chum. The info below is be from last year.

Presented by Jetpack Comics, the the big FCBD Cosplay competition kicks off Saturday May 4th 4:30  to 6:00 with some Cosplay Legends at the helm.

That’s right this year there will be a big cosplay competition highlighting the craftsmanship and love that cosplayers have. The contest will be open to all ages and all skill levels.  Richard Roberts, the photographer for FCBD, has donated a certificate for a free cosplay photo session, for the Best in Show Winner, worth $600!

Our Judges

Classy Trash Cosplay

Classy has been cosplaying since 2010 and has loved every minute of it! She has a B.A. in Theatre so any chance she has to dress up as someone else she takes it! Cosplay embodies many things that Grace loves. Not only is it a great way to practice those costuming skills and keep growing in her craft, but it is also an amazing way to meet other wonderful nerds like her! Being able to talk with others about shows, books, comics, movies, and more just fills her heart with joy. Cosplaying gives people the chance to be someone else for the day, relate to others, and just over all have a good time! That’s why Classy loves cosplay, it feels like home!

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Everyone’s Hero Cosplay

Everyone’s Hero has been cosplaying for over 4 years. Each year he pushes his cosplay skills and learns new techniques and loves to share his experience. He started cosplaying in order to make friends but it’s turned into a way make children happy. Everyone’s Hero loves to volunteer for children’s charities and takes great pride in helping children meet their heroes!

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Wicked Good Cosplay

Wicked Good Cosplay has been a lifelong artist and found her way into the cosplay realm about 5 years ago. She is a firm believer in cosplay for any age, gender and body size. She specializes in gender swapped cosplay, cosplay mashups, monster making and low cost cosplay. She has an affinity for making huge weapons, duct tape and being a fierce warrior. So say we all!  sy.

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Our Hosts

Our Host
Christian Sherman

Christian is a master prep and armor builder, best known for his elaborate details and large scale builds.

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Khepera Cosplay as Fiametta “The Jetpack Bomber Girl”

Come meet Jetpack’s official Bomber Girl, Fiametta, “The Little Fiery One”!
Make sure to check out her amazing jetpack and flamethrower! Both light up and actually work!!!

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