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4 – 6 PM

Matthew Rosenberg (yes, that guy) & Matteo Pizzolo will be signing.  The Comics are free**

We’ve got another AWESOME store signing and we’re going to give you the comics to get signed for FREE…with a catch.
11/16 from 4 – 6 pm meet creators MATTHEW ROSENBERG & MATTEO PIZZOLO at the Megastore.

Want a FREE copy of WildC.A.T.S. #1 and a FREE copy of Rogue State #1 on 11/16?

It’s easy.  Donate to our Holiday Food & Toy Drive and you get FREE comics to have signed by these guys on 11/16 from 4 – 6?

Donate 8 canned goods (or toiletries)* or 2 unwrapped non-plush toys** gets you a FREE WildC.A.T.S #1 and a FREE Rogue State #1 plus 25% off ANY of their works we have on hand .  That’s 1 free comic by each of the creators 1 FREE comic by each of these creators and savings on anything else you want them to sign*.  From incentive variants on the wall to new comics and trades.  If they have a credit on it you get 25% off (not valid on works the creators may have for sale at their table – Jetpack owned merch only) It’s really that simple.  You donate to help people.  You get free comic books that the creators will sign for you.

Can’t make the event but want stuff signed?  Drop off your donations following the directions above, and we’ll have them sign books for you.  They’ll be ready for pick up on the 17th.




Is there a comic book that doesn’t have Rosenberg’s name on it?  Matt’s writing credits are FAR too wide to list but we’ll give you a few with links for more..

WildC.A.T.S. – dropping this week
The Joker: The man who stopped laughing
Elektra: Black, White & Blood
Punisher – the single greatest run of Punisher EVER!
4 Kids Walk Into a Bank.
Archies meet the Ramones and so damn much more




Matteo is the founder of Black Mask Studios (where we first discovered Matthew Rosenberg) as well as the writer of several of their hit titles.  Matteo holds a slew of titles in a number of genres of the entertainment industry.

His comic credits include
ROGUE STATE – Dropping the day before their visit.
Young Terrorists
Calexit and more



DONATION GUIDELINES / RULES – Don’t bring us stuff that sucks. If it sucks we will take your picture, post it on all social media platforms and harass you for sucking. If you are donating something you wouldn’t want then it sucks.

*** 25% off only applies to Jetpack owned merchandise. The creators may be traveling with their own stock to sell. We’d prefer you spent your money on their stuff so they can eat, too.

* You know the drill. The foods have to be non-perishable and can not be expired. Toiletries are also accepted with the same guidelines.

** Toys can not be PLUSH. WE CAN NOT ACCEPT ANY STUFFED ANIMALS! Toys must have an MSRP of $5 each and can’t be garbage from the dollar store. We will know.

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