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Meet Mike on Wednesday June 5th from 4-7!

He will be signing copies of his first issue of Monuments to the Moon Gods!

About the Story

Captain Rick Marlowe and his crew of freelancers thought this was going to be another run of the mill escort job, transporting a group of scientists back to Earth from the moon Europa.

When a mysterious distress signal whisks their ship away to a whole other galaxy, our reluctant heroes must risk their lives across an alien planet in order to find their way back to Earth.

Tread lightly – because every step you take could be the one that leads home… or to certain death.

This 22 page action-packed comic issue is the first installment in a five part limited series by Mike Goodwin, creator of Nebula Novem at Split Decision Comics, following the crew of the S.S. Epsilon on their adventure through uncharted space!

Michael Goodwin

Michael is an up-and-coming cartoonist who specializes in creating stories about people and places that never existed and drawing books of pictures instead of words. They say a picture is worth one-thousand words, and Michael’s got one-thousand pictures to show you all.

Presently, Michael is working on his first full length comics print publication for Split Decision Comics called Nebula Novem, about a brightly lit city of the future with dark and shadowy secrets.

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