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Meet creators, have your Lazer Brain comics signed and meet the Geek Gossip Gang!

Saturday 10/21 from 3 – 6 pm we will be hosting a Lazer Brain Halloween  Special signing.

Meet creators from the book, including writer/idea man, Ryan Higgins,  along with Our old friend, Jim Lawson and our new friend, Jeff Lorentz.

Jim, Jeff have a story in the book while Ryan wrote the whole thing. There will be a super limited edition Jetpack Exclusive (only 100 copies  produced) with a cover by Jim Lawson.

The Geek Gossip Podcast will be on hand to record/broadcast the event  and, since it’s coming up on Halloween, we’ll have a FREE Trick or Treat  comic book for everyone that attends the event.

Saturday 10/21 from 3 – 6 pm in the Jetpack Clubhouse.
Meet creators & professional podcasters.
Get a FREE comic book.
What else you gonna do on a Saturday??

Ryan Higgins

Ryan L. Higgins is arguably the greatest comic book creator working in the wood flooring industry today. As he entered the mid-life crisis period of his life a couple of years ago, he rekindled his childhood obsession with all-things-comics – reading them, collecting them, and making them! If YOU believe it’s never too late to NOT grow up, stop by and pick up a copy of LAZER BRAIN COMICS #1 – Ryan’s 36 page debut featuring two spine-tingling super hero adventure stories and a couple of eerie “Odd Tale” one-off short stories.

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Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson is a comic book writer and artist best known for his work on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Lawson created the Rat King and also co-created the series Planet Racers with Peter Laird. He is also the writer/artist of the black-and white-comic series Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceous. In short, Jim kills it on everything he touches. Swing by the ballroom to meet him on Free Comic Book Day.

Check Out His Site

Jeff Lorentz

Ever since I could hold a crayon, I’ve been filling sketchbooks. I’ve been drawing comics almost as long as I’ve been drawing. I self-published my first minicomic when I was twelve, and I sold about six copies. The next mini I made had just about every copy get torn down and thrown out from the community cork boards and magazine racks I hung them up on. Needless to say, I didn’t learn my lesson. Ten years on, I’m still self-publishing my own books, telling the stories I want to tell.

My specialty is high-contrast ink drawings. I like to get messy, and incorporate as much mess and texture into my work as I can. Energy and mood are the things I chase in my work. If you can’t feel the art, then it’s too sterilized. Most of the time I end up wearing as much of the ink as the art does.

Easily my single biggest inspirations are Eastman and Laird, simply the best to ever do indie comics. Other huge influences include Dave McKean, Ted McKeever, Bill Sienkiewicz, Will Eisner, and Sean Gordon Murphy. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their art.

Currently, I’m working on Skin Of My Teeth, a horror series about what happens when your business partner accidentally gets caught up in a blood cult. The original black and white print runs of issues 1 and 2 are gone, and the series is currently being serialized with vintage-style tones on Kickstarter. Issue 1 is currently being fulfilled, and issue 2 is right around the corner, lurking in the dark. Don’t look for it, it’ll find you.

Sometimes I put down the sketchbook long enough to catch a metal or hardcore show, read some Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Chuck Palahniuk, or watch a Cronenberg or John Carpenter flick.

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The Geek Gossip Podcast

This is a podcast hosted by two geeky kid brothers where they talk about comics, movies, video games and all things geek related with occasional interviews and specials.

Check Their Site for Links To Download Their Podcast

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