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12/1 update  – A few Champion Path items are in-stock with more coming back in soon


..and continues through November! Order now to insure you get yours

POKEMON CHAMPIONS PATH is the next Special Release of Pokemon cards. The only way to get these cards is one of these special sets. There’s no single booster sales. There’s no booster box sales. DON’T BE FOOLED. These sets are the only way to get these cards. **


Here’s a solution. This has been a tough year for all of us, including manufacturers.  Allocated and Wave shipments are the worst.

If your order is caught up in one of these situations we can apply it to a different product for you.
Rather than pay a cancellation fee we can apply it to an in-stock product or a future release.
Drop us an email and let us know if you’d like to explore this. Thank you

We are currently sold out, but check back soon.

12/1 update  – A few Champion Path items are in-stock with more coming back in soon

11/12 Update – All orders that could be filled to date have been filled. The next wave arrives in December when we will continue to fill orders.

10/6 Update – The latest Pokemon Champions Path Circhester & Stow On Side have arrived and orders have shipped.For those that have been asking, Hidden Fates tins are back in stock for a bit.

9/30 Update – All Pokemon Champions path products are currently sold out. We are awaiting the next wave.

9/22 Update – All Pokemon Champions Product will be shipping in 2 waves across several weeks. We do not have firm release dates or first or second waves. Orders will be filled on a first paid basis.

9/12 Update – Pokemon Champions Path Elite Trainer Box may be  allocated.  Please order with this in mind.  All ordered are filled on a  first paid basis.

Placing your order is your agreement to our pre-order allocation & wave shipment policies. Once placed, canceled orders incur a 5% cancellation fee.

** ALL POKEMON CHAMPIONS PATH ARE SUBJECT TO ALLOCATION. These will be allocated. Orders are filled on a first paid basis. Order yours today to insure you get these cards.

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