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Pokemon Sword & Shield Chilling Reign

7/28 UPDATE – To date we have NOT received our next wave of Chilling Reign.  While the product will be coming we do not have any indication as to when that will be.  Please note that this is as disclosed in our TOS on check out.

6/23 UPDATE – We have exhausted or mail order allocation of Pokemon Chilling Reign.  Wave 2 will arrive to us sometime in July.  Orders were filled in the order they were placed.  Tracking for shipped orders was emailed, via paypal, to your confirmed paypal email address.  You can check the status of your order via your paypal account.

Placing your order is your agreement to our pre-order, allocation and wave shipment policies. Once placed, canceled orders incur a 5% cancellation fee. Please review the agreement prior to check out.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Chilling Reign Packs

Prerelease Window: June 5th – June 13th
Build & Battle packs w/boosters only

Build & Battle packs will be available in-store starting 6/5.  Click on the in stock notifier to be emailed when they are available to order online again.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Chilling Reign

Release date June 14th.
All product goes on sale

All Chilling Reign product will be available in-store starting 6/14.  Click on the in stock notifier to be emailed when they are available to order online again.



ALL CARD PRODUCTS ARE SUBJECT TO ALLOCATION & WAVE SHIPMENT & DELAYS. Orders are filled on a first paid basis. In the event of allocation, orders will be filled as the next allotment arrives. Please visit your item(s) main page for updates)

WAVE SHIPMENT – This is when product ships in chunks to us. We are NOT informed as to dates of subsequent WAVES after the first one.

ALLOCATION – This is when we are only guaranteed a % of the product we ordered.

DELAYS – This is when product does not ship on time. In all cases, all orders ship complete. Updates are provided on the item(s) main page when available to us.

Your preorder locks you in at the advertised price. If manufacturer prices increase prior to release we will give you the option to cancel without penalty or pay the proportional difference. If we offer a lower price at any time, through 30 days after release we will credit you the difference. You’re price protected with your order from Jetpack Comics

PROMOS – Promo cards are provided for in-store pick up only with a limit of 1 card per person. When they are gone, they are gone.

Prerelease packs/ Build & Battle Boxes are available in very limited qty.

Prerelease bonuses & promos are available for in-store pick up only w/limit of 1 per person.

In many cases we limit the qty of product we list to insure more people have access to it.
If you place multiple orders, for product we have limited, all orders will be canceled with the 5% penalty. We want to be fair to everyone. If an item shows sold out check back or click through and sign up to be notified when it is back in stock as we will make more available.

Pricing can change at any time so get your orders in early.

All preorders are filled in the order that were received & paid for.

SHIP DATES – Many of our items are preorders. Preorder ship dates change often. All orders ship
complete. Split shipments can be arranged for additional shipping costs.

PREORDER ITEMS – All preorders are filled in the order that were received & paid for. All preorders may be subject to allocation, wave shipment & delay.

Allocations / Shortages / Damages – We have no control over manufacturer allocations, wave shipments
(breaking our shipments up over a number of shipments & dates), shortages or damages. In the case of
ANY of these we fill orders in the order they were paid for. Unfilled orders fill when the remaining product
arrives, in the same manner. Local buyers DO NOT take precedence over mail-order customers.

Product Updates & Communication – We try to provide product updates on the main page for the item you are ordering, including date change, allocations, etc. Please check the respective page before emailing us.

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