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The follow up to Modern Horizons lands in 2021, complete with enemy fetch lands and much, much more.

Wizards of the Coast unveiled new details on the Modern Horizons 2 set which will be headed to stores on June 11.

Modern Horizons 2 will be a non-Standard legal set that will feature cards playable in Modern, Commander, and Legacy. It will add more mechanics to these formats and offer up throwback cards for players to utilize in their decks. The important dates for this set are as follows:

The date of the prerelease has changed to

6/11 , 6/12, 6/13 & is in-store prerelease
6/11 – 6/17 for take home prerelease

release date is now 6/18

Details on products for Modern Horizons 2 are slim, but WotC has confirmed Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters as configuration types. This set release will also boast the first Prerelease Packs offered for a non-Standard set.

We will be able to sell Collector Booster and other full box displays during the prerelease.

Check back for this product to go on sale soon.

Please note that we may have in-store prerelease play for this set.  We will be offering a 30-day window for local pickup orders only.



5/5/21 MODERN HORIZONS 2 UPDATE –  We apologize for the one hour delay in launching Mail Order as we tried to finalize quantities without success. Be sure to sign up for our in-stock notifier as WotC has not provided final numbers for Modern Horizons 2 yet. As soon as we know our confirmed quantity we will post more for sale.

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