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“Calling All Hydra Heads” is super limited so order yours today!

WOTC is making another Secret Lair drop available to WPN stores.

Unbothered. Massive. Hungry. In their den. Focused. Flourishing. Magic’s chillest Hydras team up for a Secret Lair drop only your local WPN store can offer!

WPN game stores will unleash the Calling All Hydra Heads drop starting December 8, and it’s packed with potent Hydras—all beautifully illustrated by CatDirty.

  • 1x Zaxara, The Exemplary
  • 1x Unbound Flourishing
  • 1x Primordial Hydra
  • 1x Hydroid Krasis
  • 1x Gargos, Vicious Watcher
  • 1x Hydra token

Calling All Hydra Heads is only available in English and traditional foil. Quantities will be limited.

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