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HeroQuest Commander of the Guardian Knights Game Figures


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ALL ORDERS HAVE SHIPPED – As of 4/18 we have shipped all orders.  Kudos for those of you that waited.  As you may have seen, this is a $150 + or – item right now.  We’re relisting a few more.  Be sure to check back if we’re out.  There may be more coming in but these are highly collecitble.

IT IS THE UPDATE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR – on 4/12/22 we received an invoice from one of our distributors indicating that this item was on its way to us.
Arriving by late Friday 4/15 shipping will commence on Monday 4/18.  We have well over a hundred of these to ship so, with luck, everyone will see these by the end of the month.

To paraphrase one of our customers, “They have completely botched the release of this product”.  We’ve received no notice.  We have no indication as to when they will ship to us.  Our apologies for the headaches.

THE HEROQUEST FRUSTRATION – Please know that we equally share in everyone’s annoyance with the delays, lack of information and volume of misinformation in regards to all of the Heroquest products.  While we have shared information from two of our distributors another has absolutely no updated information and another just has their typical canned response.  We are as disappointed as you, in seeing that some retailers / distributors have received product while we all sit waiting for ours.  We have a huge volume of orders placed (2 – 3 times what we need, in total) with four of the country’s largest game and/or toy distributors and are eagerly awaiting their arrival so we can turn them around and get them to you.  If we do receive any additional updates we will place them here.  Thank you and our apologies.

Initially scheduled for shipping by the end of January but current supply chain issues have pushed this back.
We have not been given any notice as to it’s projected arrival date.

HeroQuest Commander of the Guardian Knights Game Figures

This collector’s edition HeroQuest Hero Collection Commander of the Guardian Knights Game Figures set includes 2 highly-detailed Champion of the Guardian Knights figures on 25mm bases, each with powers and skills not seen in other HeroQuest characters. The set also includes 12 game cards. Offer available only until supplies run out. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to Play. Sold Separately.)

Prepare for battle! The Commander of the Guardian Knights has been summoned by Mentor to join the heroes in the fight against Zargon’s evil forces. As the head of an elite cadre of noble knights, the Commander’s first responsibility is to protect their fellow heroes from the dangers that lurk behind dungeon doors and can always be found in the thick of combat, leading the way with sword sharp and shield sturdy.

Includes 2 finely detailed knight miniatures, and 12 game cards. Requires HeroQuest Game System to Play. Sold Separately.

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** All preorders are filled in the order that were received & paid for. All preorders may be subject to allocation & delay. In the event of allocation, orders will be filled as the next allotment arrives.

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