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Lazer Brain Comics #1


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Lazer Brain Comics #1 – NOW AVAILABLE!

Do you like on-going adventure stories about kids who have to SAVE THE WORLD? Well, you need to read this comic because it kicks off two of those types of tales! Heck, even if that’s NOT your jam you need to check this out because this could be the comic book that changes your mind!

In the first story, middle-grader Nova Nasser gets into a scuffle on a class field trip to an EGYPTIAN MUSEUM and becomes a superhero – THE RIGHTEOUS RED CAT. The second feature is about FILO FARNSWORTH- he’s out walking his dog one night when three owl-faced space-wizards pop out of the sky and tell him there’s a bunch of bad aliens coming to invade earth and he’s the only one who can stop them!

There’s also two ODD TALES of weird suspense: “TROUBLE SLEEPING” where a boy’s vivid imagination makes it difficult for him to fall asleep and “JUST THE THING FOR YOU” wherein a woman receives an unwanted item in the mail.

PHEW! All this for less than 5 buckaroos?? What are you waiting for? Get your copy TODAY!!


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